Customer Loyalty

A couple of weeks ago we talked about customer loyalty and commented on the importance of creating a brand identity for our business, a good corporate image and a design that makes it different for its decoration, style, colors, Your articles, etc., all very important to brand identity. Today we want to go further…

In our opinion, the main and most important thing that a Local Business can offer its customers in order to keep them loyal is “Attention”, that is, “take care of your client”. Undoubtedly, excellence in customer service is one of the main competitive advantages of small business as people appreciate the proximity of the merchant and good advice. So, do your best to win the esteem of your clients for your attentive, personalized and professional approach.

Use a good pricing strategy. Have you ever wondered why everyone, as consumers, has the feeling that the large companies are cheaper and as we leave the checkout line we realize we have spent a lot without thinking? The big chains normally choose several products that have a lot of pull and they price them low. This is called a hook. That is, focus your offer on a few products at very attractive prices and communicate it to customers.

With this, what we would like, is to make you see the opportunities offered by new technologies to small business. The Local Business shouldn’t be left behind, it is necessary to innovate to survive or grow and especially in this time in which we all use our mobile devices to search for everything we need.

In short, we must distinguish ourselves from the competition, offer exquisite attention, promote specific products and get our clients to become followers of our brand and in the course establish a system of communication with them close and personal through new technologies.

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