About Us

The Woodland Park Business Association was created to provide a forum for the business community of Woodland Park, NJ and to promote their businesses in a highly professional and ethical manner.

We are an association formed for the defense, representation and promotion of businesses interest and the self-employed entrepreneurs of Woodland Park New Jersey.

WPBA is designed to meet the real demand of employers and workers, adapting to the needs of each sector to achieve the qualification of professionals and improve the competitiveness of businesses in Woodland Park.

Adapting to new technologies is a criterion that should be adopted by all those who do not wish to be left behind. With the opening of this website, we are launching a new service path for members of our Association, allowing them to open new horizons, adapting to an environment characterized by continuous changes and technological advances.

Our Association networks with other businesses to help us all grow. We are involved in group advertising to keep costs down. Sponsoring town events and school scholarships contributing to form a stronger bond and presence in our community.

We work together with the mayor and town council promoting changes needed, so the small business community will better thrive and attract other diverse businesses to move here.